Shin ITAGAKI was born in a town in Yamagata, Japan. Living around mountains and lush greenery, His disposition toward nature has been a constant in life. When he was in high school, he belonged to the mountaineering club and climbed the mountain on weekend. He felt a quiet world away from the hustle and bustle of the city in the mountain. The majestic nature overwhelmed and inspired him, and he felt a continuous life.


  While exhibiting on a regular basis, he is seeking the possibility of expression, 3D modeling, making music, live performance, and working as a graphic designer. He received a Bachelor of Engineering from Ibaraki University, and Diploma of Art from Tokyo Design College.




2019 "Cloudy day" Shin Itagaki, Satsuki Seki  Exhibition at TDA'S GALLERY AMI (Japan)
  "FGS Collection" at Fuji Gallery Shinjuku
2018 "100 Collection", "FGS Collection" at Fuji Gallery Shinjuku
  "Shiodome Street Festival2018 -Summer-" (Japan)
  "Blue Collection" at Tokyu Department Store TAMAPlaza (Japan)
  "Approximation" at Gallery IRO (Japan) 


"Shin Itagaki Exhibition" at Tully's in Omotesando Hills (Japan)
2017  "Shiodome Street Festival 2017 -Winter-" (Japan)
2016  "inquire" at Design Festa Gallery (Japan)







2019 《くもりの日》板垣晋・関沙月 二人展 ギャラリーアミ
  《FGSコレクション展》グループ展 フジギャラリー新宿
2018 《FGS コレクション展》 グループ展 フジギャラリー新宿
  《100点のコレクション展》 グループ展 フジギャラリー新宿
  《Blue Collection》 グループ展 東急百貨店たまプラーザ店 
  《近似値 板垣晋・関沙月二人展》ギャラリーイロ
  《板垣晋展》個展  タリーズ表参道ヒルズ店
2017 《SEBIT2017 東京都専門学校アート&デザイン展》 東京都美術館
  《汐留ストリートフェスティバル2017 -Winter-》
2016 《問う》2人展 Design Festa Gallery